Стандарт ISBT

Международный стандарт ISBT (International Society of Beverage Technologist)

% Purity99.9% min
Moisture20 ppm v/v max
Oxygen30 ppm v/v max
Carbon Monoxide10 ppm v/v max
Ammonia2.5 ppm v/v max
Nitric Oxide/Nitrogen Dioxide2.5 ppm v/v each max
Non-volatile Residue (NVR)10 ppm w/w max
Non-volatile Organic Residue (NVOR)5 ppm w/w max
Phosphine0.3 ppm v/v max
Total Volatile Hydrocarbons (THC as Methane)50 ppm v/v max
Total Non-methane Hydrocarbons (TNMHC)20 ppm v/v max
Acetaldehyde0.2 ppm v/v max
Aromatic Hydrocarbon Content (as benzene)20 ppb v/v
Total Sulfur Content (less SO2)0.1 ppm v/v
Sulfur Dioxide1 ppm v/v max
Odor of Solid CO2 (Snow)no foreign odor (без вкуса)
Appearance in Waterno color or turbidity
Odor & Taste in Waterno foreign odor or taste